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PLUGin² Lockdown Blues

Updated: May 24, 2022


"Like a mouse in a maze, enclosed, chasing after freedom,

exploring different routes, only to end up in the same place.

Hitting brick walls, being forced to go right, when we had been blindly going left.

A blessing in disguise, allowing us to realign with our true purpose in life."

We are all familiar with the burnout feeling, overworked & drained. 2020 birthed a whole new strain of burnout for us creatives, our world had been turned inside out - to say the least. We lost connection with each other, forcing everyone to go within & overcome hidden battles that we may have been running from. PLUGin believes that:

Your network, is your net worth.



Projects - CANCELLED

Life - CANCELLED (that's how it felt).

We as Humans need interaction, connection, but instead we were forced into isolating ourselves with the addition of fear - recipe for disaster.

We can continue to stay angry & stuck or we can take charge & control what is within our reach, instead of wasting energy on stressing about the things that we can not change, channel + release that pain into creating something spectacular.

A lot of creatives lost their fire, their flames of passion burnt out, due to not seeing any progression in terms of monetary gain, sales were nil. We lost touch with one another, our social life halted - with most of us, our professional life is our social life.

PLUGin launched in December 2019 with an Open Stage Networking Exhibition: PLUGin - ReadLaunch, with the intention of having numerous free networking events for ALL types of creatives. We had landed BoxPark & had a date in March 2020, but you guessed it, it was CANCELLED.

Having an abundance in ideas, but nothing to do with them, put us in a sticky position. Unable to move outwards with our ideas, led to going within. A lot of new artists have emerged from this lockdown, highlighting the importance of Art in this world, in your life. You are Art.

We hold the vision of creating a world full of Conscious Creatives who use Art as a way to express, whether it's fashion, dance, music, sculpting, editing, you name it. We want you to embrace your uniqueness & shout, with your authentic voice - tell your story.

PLUGin is bringing back unity within our community.

Before lockdown, there were already gaps within the industry that needed to be bridged, ideals that were essential to reinstall, however the community was saturated with so many creatives all trying to WIN, everyone climbing over each other to get to the TOP.

Where is the love?

One of the main trends PLUGin noticed was the motive behind one's creativity.

We want to steer you artists towards seeing the importance of remaining true to your self & your style, no boundaries or constrictions, just you. Stop trying to be the next Chris Brown, avoid letting sales drive your passion.

When you're passionate about something, go with it, the wave will take you onwards & upwards, have patience & fall in love with your uniqueness & success will come to YOU.

Lockdown finishing is the perfect opportunity to see this as a chance for REBIRTH.

See this as a chance to start over, change something & challenge yourself.

We can be our own worst enemy at times, let's try to love ourselves a little bit more.

PLUGin wants to set you a task:

  • Write down all the positive things that have come from this lockdown.

  • Write down things you have learnt from the hardships & experiences.

  • Write down the things you are grateful for.

TRY: Journal for 10 minutes a day - notice how clearer your headspace will get.

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