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PLUGin² ART, The Healer (John Lewis, Westfield London)

Updated: May 26, 2021

PLUGin² ART, The Healer

Mental Health Week

10 May - 16 May 2021

John Lewis, White City, Westfield London

PLUGin curated a spectacular display of artwork, created by conscious creatives, who's relationship with art, is a way to heal + deal with life its hardships.

Art truly is a powerful healer.

"Juliet King believes that art therapy, supports self-regulation, attuned relationships and positive change (2016)." (Psychology Today)

Every week 1/6 people experience a mental health related crisis, major depression being the second leading cause in disability, worldwide - contributing to the burden of suicide.

Art therapy has been proven effective in improving mood, pain relief & anxiety in various studies.

With authorities putting ART & THE CREATIVE WORLD on the back burner, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create space for artists, who have an important message to spread, to be heard and seen.

PLUGin's mission is to keep art alive & create unique opportunities for conscious creatives to shine. Creating content that inspires, motivates & uplifts all types of creatives. Educating all on the importance of ART as we as humans, are born to create, it's in our innate behaviour, in our DNA.

The industry is saturated with creatives who want fame, PLUGin focuses on those artists who create to express, those who wish to educate & spread truth using the powerful tool of creation.

Media is an incredibly powerful yet dangerous tool, a tool that is impacting the way children grow up, affecting their confidence & creating unrealistic expectations - for example the impact of skinny models on one developing an eating disorder.

PLUGin aims to use this powerful tool to spread positivity, truth & peace.

A diamond starts off as a piece of coal, pressure makes diamonds.

A great Artist is one who understands the shadow, creating beauty from the pain & releasing it, expressing themselves, only to unveil a stunning masterpiece.

"PLUGin² ART, The Healer" Featured:

"Instrumentals In All We Love"

Music is in everything we do, it restores us, revels in our positive energy or affirms our thoughts. This is a celebration of Black composers throughout history that have given their entire being to music across all genres that we consume and love.


'If art is part-representation, then portraiture is representation writ large' (Joseph 2019). This quote captures the essence of something that has informed my own identity and practice as an Afrocentric portrait and creative. For Joseph 'there is vital colour missing from the depictions of 'our national stories' and I celebrate these with positive Black narratives which resonate with pan-African principles, that celebrate solidarity, joy and our interconnected roots.

"State of Mind"

This piece is a painfully beautiful masterpiece. Two days before starting this piece I lost my beloved grandmother to sepsis. Facing waves of emotion I felt compelled to paint, to give my feelings of love and loss concrete form. This piece is the expression of grief & the power of art.


My work takes inspiration from the challenges of modern day society embracing elements of love, power, faith and hope to help grapple with reality. I’m inspired to create contemporary art for the youth, in hopes that they can relate and appreciate fine art in a digital world.


A visual manifestation of the warmth of touch felt between lovers. To bring wholesomeness to one's view of love.


A landscape & nature painter focused on the therapeutic impact of art. Rather than focusing on tragic history and harsh reality, her work is a form of healing & escapism, places where black people aren't fighting, places where they can just be.

"Trip in Thought"

This piece represents the conflict and misleading thoughts when we're trying to find ourselves. Truly loving and accepting yourself is one of the hardest journeys for most people. Sinclare's signature "Cereal Waves" in this piece, represents the depth of thoughts.

Sinclare Monsaé

Sinclare began his career at one of the lowest points in life. There's a lack of representation in the art scene and he wants to be the change he wanted to see. His character 'Zero' and his companion 'Nikoi' allows him to express his inner thoughts, emotions and live vicariously through their adventures

"Mountain 2021 Collection"

"Mountain: Fire (2)"

Based on a Poem the Artist has written about the Elements Water and Fire in reference to the nature of a loved one.

Jenny-Brenda Musungay

A Congolese - British Mixed-Media Artist, Graphic Designer & Poet Born in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (Languages; French and English). Her family left D.R.C when she was only 15 months to live in Johannesburg, South Africa. There she attended North Cliff Primary School. In 1998 her family relocated to West London, England.)​

"Downs & Out"

A painting inspired by a famous blues singer “Robert Johnson”. Transcending you back to a time when Blues music was all we could listen too. Blues ain’t nothing but a good man feeling bad.painting.


Yaneise Ramos is a cross-art artist.An abstract artist and an acoustic singer.Her work of art is influenced by her emotions, inspired by various art works that feed her wheel of creativity infused with melancholic sounds. Painting during the day and singing throughout the night.

"What Do You See?"


I am a Nigerian UK based artist and a mother of 3. During the 2020 lockdown and in the midst of loss, despair and uncertainty, art found me and I found solace in my art.

I always had a passion for drawing, painting, scribbling on any surface I could find. The need to want to try something new and push myself - a new approach inspires me. In general I love capturing what my soul sees.


First of my isolation series, highlighting some of the many feelings we may be experiencing during lockdown. This was very much about an expression of emotion and collectively trying to capture the mood of the time.


Multidisciplinary Artist. Showcasing topical black identity through visual art.

"Over my head"

We all as people have worries and things that are on our minds. Being able to let go and find a little piece. With all the pressure of life it can be hard.


I would spend countless days drawing cartoon characters from video covers & memory. I continued to study Art and fell in love with Street Art. My art is an extension of myself. I borrow from experiences, meshing together a blend to create Art.​@thatsanomar_


This painting depicts a woman that is currently emerging into herself. The textures within the painting create a sense of obstruction and transformation that help to place her in situ within the painting.


I am a London based artist that depicts life through my own lens, using afro symbolism.

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