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Updated: Aug 10, 2023


An ART EXHIBITION at John Lewis White City that aims to showcase work of artists who create to EXPRESS. PLUGin believes art is expression. It is an extremely effective way to communicate. Art is a form of light language. Every artist has their own unique voice, we wish to preserve that uniqueness giving space for artists to create with no bounds.

Interdisciplinary Media Artist

"Sensing The City"

Daniel Oduntan is an interdisciplinary media artist conceptional occupying the spaces between visual arts, sound and performance media. His polymath approach to creativity has led him in recent years to explore the politics of sound archives, the power of imagery and methods of accessibility for black creatives through participatory design. Producing cross-disciplined art, editorials and commissions for the likes of the V&A Museum, UCL, Warp Records, Publicis London and the Design Museum.

"since '95"

bare radicals are an experimental production concept. They are comprised of self defined radically thinking interdisciplinary artists, that seek to create through a lens of social justice. This piece, entitled - since '95 is a lookbook, by Ethical Stylist and Producer Kelsea Delatango, for Shay Casonova's 'Mnky D Luffy Air Max 95' in collaboration with Nike by 'You'. Not only does it serve as a fashion lookbook, the video featuring words from Romey Skye explores themes of gentrification and displacement of black Caribbean folk in Brixton, South West London.

Adiam Yemane

Artist, Photographer

"All the feels"

Ethiopian Eritrean visual artist and storyteller. Works as a freelance Portrait and research photographer. Adiam expresses heartfelt stories from around the world that facilitate the viewer with a greater understanding. These pieces feature Ntinos, Zee & Kelsea Delatango.

Artist, Painter

"My name is Yonkel I am a mother of three, wife and hairdresser by trade and have recently picked up my paint brush to express my self through art. My current project is painting melinated skin tones I like to incorporate history, hidden meanings and codes. My medium at the moment is acrylic."

Prolific Poet & Visual Artist

Joel works in various media to create vibrant works that tell viewers a story. His work is inspired by various cultures, the natural world, existential concepts as well as his own human experience. Joel is always looking for a new cultural lens to see the world through. He is also an experienced art tutor and has Run over 50 workshops for various charities and London councils. His workshops are designed to bring communities together, and make art more accessible. He was also recently featured on the BBC News special about artists during lockdown, the full interview can be found on the BBC website. The aim with everything he practice is to uplift people by building social bridges and reminding his audience that there is endless beauty within and around them.


NIARTFR3EDOM is a creative community organisation that coordinates a range of creative workshops within London’s inner city. We run an after school workshops, creative projects within schools and Family arts days in schools and community Centres/hubs. Creative workshops and projects involve drawing, painting, pottery, model making, textiles etc. We aim to explore a wide range of materials (pencils, charcoal, watercolour and acrylic paints, clay, recycled materials and many more. We also arrange trips to visit Galleries, museums and local creative businesses

Artist, Painter

Venetta Nicole is a UK based artist, graphic designer and illustrator. She has 2:1 honours degree in visual communication design and has created many bespoke pieces on commission to a wide range of clients including the NHS as well as exhibiting work across London. She is inspired by Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism, her work also includes African motif. Her work includes a lot of symbolism and she takes this inspiration from knowing that symbolism is a large part of communication and has been going back to times where symbolism was detrimental to survival.

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